This is our story.

Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder…

In the early part of 2019, my struggle with mental illness came to a dramatic point, and dragged on over the course of the year. By the end of 2019, I was convinced that due to my memory loss, my seizures, and my extreme mental illness symptoms, that I was going to die of some extreme form of undiagnosed illness. And while it wasn’t the illness, or outcome I was expecting, I wasn’t exactly wrong.

Without treatment, I would’ve likely lost my life to the obstacle I was attempting to overcome. When I was finally diagnosed- it was shocking to say the least. I have been living with dissociative identity disorder for well over 21 years, and the symptoms that I was experiencing was simply what I now see as an internal explosion of everything that had been repressed for so long.

This story, is long, complex, and dangerous. This blog is an attempt to further document our experiences with this confusion and misunderstood mental health condition.

We ask you treat us as a system on individual identities sharing one form. While we may look like one person, we function more as a highly dysfunctional group together.

Many of us struggle with seperate issues along with our overall diagnosis of DID. We (various alters) have been diagnosed with BPD, CPTSD, OCD, and Bipolar 1 with psychosis features, depression, as well as several forms of self harm and eating disorders. We also struggle with our human form being disabled, as we have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS (a heart condition,) post Lyme, and IBS/IBD.

We do not pity ourselves however, and we don’t view ourself as hero’s. Despite a plate full of obstacles we simply wish to be treated as humans. We don’t wish for your sorrow on our behalf, but if you would like to know us better and understand our story we welcome you to a journey into the many minds that dwell in this unfortunate being.

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